Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prayers With Daddy

Here's the conversation that happened yesterday when daddy was putting the little one to bed...

"Why do we say, "Dear Heavenly Father"?
"Because we're talking to him when we pray. He is Jesus' Daddy and all of our Daddy too."
"Why do we pray of Jesus?"
"Because we have to thank him for all our blessings."
"Can I play with Heavenly Father?"
"Someday, if you've been really, really good, you can give him a big hug!"
"Oh......Chuck E. Cheese came at my class at school!"

Ahhhh....little insights into a 4 year olds mind!


peebugg said...

from the mouths of babes......


Girl in Progress said...

too sweet.

but why does he have to be really, really good?

I thought salvation was free. ;o)

Robin said...

Kids are so funny.Thank God for them. I always laugh at my daughter Lillianna because she comes up with some crazy things too.


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