Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moody Time

It's been such a crazy summer with everyone in and out of the hospital. My stress level is so high, and Saturday, I just lost it! ( I'm sure PMS had a little to do with it too!) I was being so mean and moody, that I finally decided to remove myself from my innocent family and take me to the movie. The only one starting when I got there was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was desperate, so I went!

Oh my gosh! It was so bad, I could hardly stand it! It was just so tedious! AARRRGGG! At least the popcorn was good!

The movies this summer really stink! I have been most disappointed! At least Batman was good!


peebugg said...

I'm sorry...your planets must not be in alignment either.

I was bummin' the other night and left to go to a movie, I wanted to see Wedding Crashers and I thought the paper said 7:45pm...so I get there and it was actually 7:25 pm. So I went to the grocery store instead...:( Yeah that cheered me up...not..

I thought the chocolate factory would be good, I'm glad you warned me.

You have reason to be moody and you are allowed. Just make sure that everyone know it's your turn to vent and you will not be going into time out!!!!

momsgoneloony said...

We absolutely loved the movie! Sorry you had a bad time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sad to hear the Chocolate Factory was not good. I have been trying to get to it since it came out. Maybe it is pure luck that saved me from it.

I agree though, I loved Batman - thoroughly enjoyed it....Hey, you could be savoring Harry Potter #6 if you had not had to read it in one night!!! I am still hanging on to it to start it at just the right moment...Just knowing it is out there waiting for me is exciting.

I am getting ready to start the Kite Runners...I have heard great reviews....I will give mine when I am done......Southern Belle.