Thursday, June 30, 2005

Show Me The Savings???

My family has one car. How un-American is that!! We had two, a piece of crap and a very cute one. Last year, on a very rainy night on our way to see Disney On Ice, we were in a wreck on the freeway. Did we total the piece of crap car??? NO! We totaled my very cute car! I am still in mourning! The money we got back from the insurance was not quite enough to pay it off, so, alas, we still are stuck with the one piece of crap.

You'd think that it might save a ton of money to have only one car? Not so! On those days when I need a car to cart the kiddies around, which is quite often, I have to drive the hubs to work, do my errands, then pick him up. It's putting on double the miles and using double the gas.

I hope we can get a new car soon! The piece of crap is getting tired of all the abuse!


peebugg said...

speaking of your car--how did the paint job go??

Chicka said...

Funny how you popped up on BE for me!

I feel your pain re: one car. I'm in the same predicament right now. Ugh.

Dave said...

Guilty as charged... I killed the car :(


Dave said...

The crap car has a nice paint job though.

Hubby again