Friday, June 03, 2005

Out of the mouth of the 4 year old...

"You suck!"

"What did you say???"

"You VERY suck!"

"Where did you hear that from? Who said that?"


Good Grief...where do they learn these things??
Mommy needs a vacation!


Sassy said...

The things that fall out of kids mouths still continue to amaze me!!!

Thanks for commenting on my stite! It's always cool to see another Arizonian blogger!

Liz said...

Luckily my son is only 2 so he doesnt often say things that shock, but boy when he does on those rare occasions, you sure know about it!

Found your blog through blog explosion.

Liz & Baby Josh 3 weeks old

Taoski said...

It is amazing what the kids pick up from listening to "background noise".

My two (boys, 5 and 3) have both repeated what we have said even though they are off playing away across the room, engrossed in some other play activity.

Lee said...

TV? :)

Morris said...

Get your 4 year old to visit my site. He will learn lots of things from me.

Ask Morris

Tony Calabrese said...

I a have a three year old grandson who shouldn't hang out with his "poppa". Last night my wife told him to pick up his toys and he said "fugetaboutit".

I wish I was kidding.

peebugg said...

Hey You're not alone.

Alec was calling Ashton a "Volcano Butt" last night.

I'm thinking that it's colorful teenager influence along with some phrases picked up while channel surfing.

I remember when AJ told his daycare teacher "you've got the peaches, I've got the cream" from the Def Leopard album I would listen to in the car. Boy was that a embarassing parent teacher meeting.

Shannon said...


I'd really love to have kids, yet I think I can live vicariously through you if you don't mind.

Have a great day!

CPT PYRO said...

That is so funny. Good luck with that.

linda said... least he didn't tell you that his "butt" told him, like my dear, beloved 6 yer old tells me all of the time!!

Meg said...

LOL! You've got your hands full.

I'm going to get a vacation from my kids soon. *counting the days*

Petite Mom Blogger said...

My 4 year old is always saying weird stuff..I dont know where it comes from but usually its nice stuff...funny stuff...