Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My New Guilty Pleasure

Tonight, I found my new, summer guilty pleasure to take the place of American Idol. It is Beauty and the Geek on the WB. It sounds dumb, yes, but it was really entertaining! The premise is that the geeky guys are paired up with pretty stupid girls. The guys compete in competitions to show their social skills (that they are learning from the women, ha!), and the girls compete in educational areas (being coached by the geeks.)

Here's my favorite moment of the evening. The girls were being quizzed on a 5th grade level general knowledge. Here's how it went....

"Who was the President of the United States during the Civil War? "


"No, it was Abraham Lincoln. "

"Oh yeah! The D-day thing! "

Ahhh....this is some quality television!


panthergirl said...

Sounds like my kind of TV! I'm hoping "Wife Swap" will return...that's one of my favorites.

Indigo said...

I haven't found this show, I might have to tune in for a laugh!

Julie said...

OMG--that's pretty bad!

Chris2x said...

I just ran across your blog through blogexchange. I had to laugh at the name because I have an online store and just made a Drama Queen t-shirt design yesterday.

I was not really thinking of you, my daughter and her friends are active in drama. :-)


peebugg said...


Sounds like some girls we graduated with.......

I like the Oriental guys on VH1 in the obstacle course. It's called MXC.

So funny.

peebugg said...

I lied it's on Spike TV