Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Enough With The Coffee!

Since I've been hanging out at hospitals so much lately, there's something I've noticed. Everyone seems to be roaming around with cups of coffee. Coming from a non-coffee drinking background, this is something I don't understand. It isn't just the morning cup to get you going either. There are coffee machines everywhere with people anxious to imbibe. When something bad happens, someone is right there to offer you a steaming cup. It seems like all that caffine would be the last thing you'd need when you're anxious anyway!

Maybe someone could give me some insight on this. Does the hot coffee going down feel comforting? Is it just nice to carry something in your hand in hard times? I know it peps you up, but I think there's something more!

I am patiently waiting for a nice hot chocolate machine to be installed. Now there's something relaxing!


Dave said...

Count me in!

I hope you are doing all right, the boys and the house are still okay.

We miss you and love you.


SalGal said...

I think it's a comfort thing, kind of like when people quit smoking, they miss having something in their hand or their mouth.

peebugg said...

I think coffee is more of a politically correct drink so it is offered in all situations. Even though it stains your teeth, gives you horrible breath and not to mention the caffine side effects.
There are also not as many choices involved as in soda pop. cream sugar or plain.

People here in our shop drink coffee all day long in 32oz mugs--even in 100 degree weather. So just chalk it up to "silly humans"

I hope you, your mom and especially your dad are doing well.

And that your men hang in there and I hope they don't eat too much pizza.......

Dave said...

Mmmmmmm Pizza!

peebugg said...

Get it while you can!!!!!

And don't forget to put the boxes in the outside trash can -- you must hide the evidence.

Jen said...

I don't get this, either. My daughter was in the hospital for four months (she was a preemie, she's fine now) and even the docs and nurses would do this. I thought all that caffeine was bad for you, but I guess they'd know...

J_Yates_uk said...

Caffeine may make me a colon cancer statistic waiting to happen, but my jove it gets me through a morning! I worry about the headaches I get when I don't have one though... that's not good!

*~*melly*~* said...

i work in a hospital...and it's happening here too! the only bad part is...the cafe here has a starbucks in it...so not only is everyone carrying around a cup of coffee, most of the time (when the cafe is open) it's starbucks...if it's not starbucks...you are stared at funny.
i think it's a comfort/peer pressure thing, you feel odd if you don't hop on the bandwagon
personally, i try to avoid starbucks at all costs, can't stand the company....but
the cafeteria (which is open most of the time) has a hot chocolate/vanilla latte/chai latte maker...which i visit about once a month
i love your blog btw, got here via BlogExplosion
i'll be adding it to my links whenever i update them