Monday, May 02, 2005

Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words

I arrived home last night from my five day, kid and husband free trip to find my Inbox filled with 500 emails. As I was digging through, I came across one from a very good friend of mine. In it, there was a brief sentence saying that her business trip was good, then....bam! "Lulu (name changed to protect) shared some pretty ugly things with me that you supposedly said about me and my business.." I was stunned! I did talk to Lulu before their trip, but never said an unkind word about this friend. At that moment, what I would have liked to say is, "I never say bad things about people", but that would have been a lie. Although I was innocent in this circumstance, I have been guilty of speaking unkindly about people to others. I think we all have been there. But this is something about myself that I'd really like to change.

What do we get out of badmouthing others? Does it make us look good? Do we come across as the better person?? I don't think so. This weekend, my cousin and I were talking about my grandmother, who passed away several years ago. We had both been reading through her journal, and one thing that struck us both is that there wasn't one word of complaint or unkindness about anyone or anything. Our memories of her are that she was always a wonderful, kind and generous person. A real peacemaker. Will my children and grandchildren be able to say the same thing about me?

My goal, going forward, it to bite my tongue and keep my thoughts to myself. I am going to try not to give in to gossip and find nice things to say about others. Is there anything you would like to change?


Talking Tina said...

TY so much you hit the nail on head. I did a bad thing on my blog and I felt lousy. Now I think before I write a blog. ty

Big Cajun Man said...

Words hurt worse than any physical attack, I am living the same hell right now, not much you can do but apologize and hope that folks can forgive.