Monday, April 18, 2005

Safety First!

The other day as I was driving down the interstate I saw a sight that was most appalling! There, in the car next to me, were two very little kids, jumping around the back seat. What is wrong with this picture, you may ask? If you said, "Where are their car seats?" you win!

Personally, I find this beyond explanation! There is no excuse to not having your children safely stowed in their car seats! Not only is it against the law, but it is totally irresponsible! Even if you live in the smallest town in America, you can not be sure that a cow, or family of sheep may not stray into your path! And until all cars are made out of Nerf....Car Seats are a must do!

It is easier to start from day one, keeping your baby in the seat at all times. If they have always done it, as they get older, they won't know anything different. But if you let them out a few times...that's it! Continual screeching from the back seat! But don't give in! A little noise will be well worth a saved life!

So please, even if you choose not to buckle up yourself, buckle up your kids! They're too young to make such an important decision on their own!


Ms Mac said...

I cannot agree with you more! Here in Switzerland it's not law to strap your kids in the car and I see mothers holding their babies in the front seats on the Autobahns. It makes me want to cry. So irresponsible!

Good for you for strapping your boys in safely!

Chicka said...

Can I hear an Amen Sistah!

And my 7 and 4 year old kid will say, "Oh look! Little human crash test dummies!" Or "Little human projectiles!" and "Hey lady, buckle those kids up!"

People just don't have enough common sense with their greatest responsiblity in life.

jb said...

It is so worth the extra few minutes it takes to buckle them in their carseats. I don't understand why some people just don't do it!!

Jami said...

I completely agree. Those people anger me so much, I've gotten to the point where I feel like I need to write down the liscense plate number and turn them in to the police. Maybe next time I will!

birdwoman said...

people are so lazy. It's incredible that something as common sense as car seats had to be made into a LAW to get people to do it.

That being said, I can't believe that my kids will be in some sort of car seat until they're 8.


Talking Tina said...

I do excatly that when I see a car with a mom or a dad driving and kids are loose in car I call 911 and report it. I know it sounds anal and creppy ,but I hate to see in news some family dead and know that I didnt do my duty as a human being. Not the kids fault.

Library Lady said...

My dad had seatbelts installed in our cars LONG before they became the norm. I remember being SHOCKED when I was with friends whose families let them go unbuckled!
Today most states have laws that require you to have your child in a carseat until they are a certain age, but it is not enforced. And there are people whose kids fuss about the carseats, so they don't enforce it themselves.
My kids fussed about carseats occasionally too. But I'd rather have fussing children secured than put my kids in danger, especially with the way people drive around here!
Whenever I see kids moving about in a car, I want to scream. And seeing BABIES being held instead of safely secured makes me want to cry!