Thursday, April 14, 2005


My leg has been hurting for a few days now. I have a really high tolerance to pain, but last night, I could hardly walk on it. We called my Dr. and she thinks it may be a blood clot. I spent the evening with it propped up on pillows and doped up on aspirin. I'm going in to see her today. I really hope it's not a clot. That sounds scary to me. Besides, I hardly have time for that!

Do you think I'll have to go to the hospital??? I hope not!


JB said...

So weird! I was just in the ER and they had to check for blood clots. None of the testing was painful. An ultrasound of my leg..a chest x-ray and a lung scan. It's seriously worth the peace of mind!!!

SalGal said...

I think they just give you some blood thinner if it is a blood clot. Don't hold me to that though, my medical expertise consists of a lot of logical theories as opposed to actual medical facts!

Hope you get to make it to enrichment! We should figure out how to get eachother's emails so we can exchange ideas.

teddY said...

It's okay even if it is really a blood clot. They'll (i mean the docs) just give you some medicine to dissolve the blood clot =)

Hmm, yup I agree it hurts. I fell from the monkey bar when i was 12 and had a minor blood clot in my head. Then came a lot of headaches going on but the it's okay after the docs are done with the blood clot =)

Good luck!

Storyteller said...

So did you have to go to the hospital?