Friday, April 15, 2005

Ouch! Part 2

This is another chapter in the continuing saga of my crappy feelings toward doctors. After visiting the Dr. on Thursday, she said that she thought it was probably a blood clot. She said that she couldn't get me an appointment to have an ultrasound until Friday morning. She assured me that she'd call as soon as she received the results. So I've been spending the last 3 days with my leg elevated and still popping aspirin, much to the chagrin of my stomach.

I had the ultrasound today, and not surprisingly, the technician wouldn't give me a clue about what she found. This was at 10am. She did say that they would have the results in an hour and let the Dr. know right away. I got home at call from the Dr. At 1:00 I called the office to see if they'd heard anything. THE OFFICE WAS CLOSED!!
Yes, that's right CLOSED! I could not believe it! I called the imaging center and they said they had tried to call in the results, but no one answered so they faxed it in! My results are sitting in a closed office until Monday!! Unbelievable!

I will now drive over to the imaging center and stand there until someone tells me what's up!



Chicka said...

Oh my god! That's insane! If it gets worse, please head to the ER before then. There's no reason they should be making you wait like that.

Is there a service you can call at the office? They'd have to page the doctor, who in turn would head over to the office to see the results. This is not a trivial sore throat thing. Blood clots can be deadly. (I have a friend who, if they waited much longer than they did, would not be around today.)

Someone dropped the ball on this and I don't want to scare you (honest!), but it really needs to be taken care of now.

maria said...

Yes, blood clots are SERIOUS.

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I have been put on Coumadin for life and need frequent blood tests
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Hope you don't have blood clots.