Saturday, April 16, 2005

Healthy Lifestyle??

My fourteen year old son informed me today that he and his best friend Jacob will be trying out the Vegan way of life starting Wednesday. Actually, Jacob is just going to do the vegetarian thing, but drummer boy will be going all the way vegan. They are hoping to be able to last a whole month. This is from my junk food only, meat loving son. He likes fruit, but, at least in the past, has had a strong aversion to vegetables...even potatoes. Won't eat them at all!

I have decided to be supportive in this experiment. I figure there is nothing too bad that can happen from it. I'll hit the store on Monday and pick up some soy milk, soy cheese and Gardenburgers. Sounds great, doesn't it!?!

I'll be updating this story as events unfold. How long do you think it will last???


Lord Smert said...

Being a vegan is difficult. Recently, I have decided to become a vegetarian thanks to a lovely video over at PETA called "Meat Your Meet." Certainly was shocking to watch.

I started the diet, and immediately I was craving chicken. It hurts badly, and I don't even know if I am going to make him.

Tell him good luck. He's gonna need it. I mean life without it really life?

-Lord Smert (

Helen said...

Hm.........I'd give it 10 days to 2 weeks tops although you gotta give it to him for tryin'!

Chicka said...

Until his first chicken finger?

Nicolette said...

Most people can't sustain being a vegan and it's harder - although not impossible - to get all the nutrients you need.. He probably hs a *much* higher chance of being a vegetarian and THAT would also be worth encouraging.

I'd get some peanut butter, too. Healthy facts and a good source of protein.

Depending on why he's doing this, he might be able to make a real change.

K Jones said...

I give it 5 or 6 days maximum. It is just too easy to want a burger or a chicken finger. Kids are crazy though. They will probably stick to it for awhile just to prove a point.

birdwoman said...

It'll last longer if you introduce him to tasty veggie foods. Indian/chinese have always been the best in my book.


Joseph Valencia said...

It's funny... every once in a while my sister or my mother will suddenly shift into "vegetarian" mode. For example, my two sisters watched that crockumentary "Super Size Me," and afterward they vowed to start "eating right." Lo and behold, about a month later they're chomping down Mickey Ds! ^O^ And before that, they went veggie over that video Lord Smert mentioned.

I don't think your son will seriously go Vegan (which more extreme than the casual vegetarianism). Although if you really want to see him pursue a healthy lifestyle, why not encourage him to exercise?

Anne said...

You might want to check out my "Lazy Vegetarian" blog - lots of reviews and recipes. I also link to some vegetarian/vegan blogs and sites.

It's a newer blog, but I'll be posting new stuff once or twice a week.