Friday, April 22, 2005

Drama, Drama, Drama!!

I seriously almost flipped my lid last night! It was grocery night and I took Vegan boy with me to pick out some food that he could/would eat. We were at our local produce store picking out some great stuff! We had loaded our cart to the top with wonderful looking fresh fruits and veggies! Everything was good. And then we got to the checkout. All my groceries were scanned and bagged. We had a long line of people behind us. My debit card would not scan. The check out boy said that the last three cards wouldn't scan and his neighbor checker was also having problems scanning cards. Soon, neighbor checkers machine accepted one card, so he tried to scan my card over there. Still, nothing. He then said, "There must be something wrong with your card!", implying that I didn't have money in my account to pay for the items! I explained that there was plenty in there, and he said there was nothing he could do. I asked if I could write a check? NO!

By this time all the people in line behind me were really bugged! Of course, there was no manager I could talk to. So I did the "really mature" thing and slammed my cart of produce into the wall on my way out! I know, kind of childish, but I felt better, dang it! Vegan boy was quite amused. I then went to Trader Joes and Walmart where my card worked just fine!

I now have to go back to get the veggies today! I'll pop a Valium and hit the ATM before I go this time!


Dave said...

Makes you want to BLOG all over them doesnt it?

Lou said...

I've had that happen! How obnoxious!

Chicka said...

Was it TOPS grocery store? Same thing has been happening to my hubby. (And he reacts the same way. Or he'll go to the ATM at the front of the store and it'll work fine)

Nicolette said...

I would have called the manager next day -- just to let him/her know.

Then tell him/her you went to Trader Joe's, where they have the yummy Greek Yogurt with honey! Have you ever tried that?

Here's what I do -- not that you asked -- I scoop the yogurt into a bowl, and then I heat the yogurt in the microwave for 12 seconds, then mixing it with the yogurt and adding mixed berries. And sometimes a dab of peanut butter. It is so good and healthy -- er, not that it's vegan.