Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tiny Tyrant

My youngest son is four. As my other son is 14, the young one is pretty much growing up as an only child. This being, he never has had a chance to be "the boss" of anything. Enter Austin, the one year old baby I started watching a few months ago. If you've never had the experience of hearing your voice come out through a child, it's pretty eye opening!

"No, No! Austin!"
"Stop it Austin!"
"No, that's not the right way!
"Stay still, Austin!"

These commands are given in his best authoritative voice, hands on his hips. Austin, a very calm and peaceful child, just looks at him like he's on drugs!

I guess if we want our kids to speak kindly, we need to listen to ourselves!


Amanda said...

Totally. I have a friend whos little boy is 2 and he tels everyone to stop doing stuff. Sometimes it is cute though :)

peebugg said...

hahahaha......this sounds so familiar. Remember "bun-face" I about died when Christopher called Frannie that....hahahaha.

Aubs (your niece) said...

I fall victim to sounding like my mother. On the rare occaision (and I do mean rare) that my sister and I actually scream at eachother, there are points where I hear myself and I sound JUST like my mom. It's SO scary. Of course, I believe that we all are destined to be somewhat like our mothers when it comes to "discipline". In most cases, that's unfortunate ;)


Tashina said...

The other day Hunter started using the phrase, "Are you serious?", "Do you really mean it?", and then it hit me, I say it all the time:)

DJ J said...

Do we really want our kids to speak "more kindly?" Here's the are the authority figure in your child's life....for now. There will be other authority figures, with different voices. They will have to respond to these voices and some (if not most)won't be "more kind" they will be arguably less kind, and less forgiving. The fact that your 4 year old is emulating your authoritative tone tells you several things. First and foremost that he KNOWS you are the boss. Second he KNOWS what is expected of him. This should be a turning point in your parent/child relationship. From here on out ask him whathe would do if Austin did something similar to what he may have done...the answers will surprise you.