Friday, March 04, 2005

Not So Little Drummer Boy

Just a year ago last Christmas, I truly lost my mind!

Maybe it was all that holiday spirit, or maybe it was due to the medication I was taking, but for whatever reason, we bought my oldest son a drum set for Christmas. Our house hasn't been the same since! It started out with just a little drumming and has now progressed to our house being the gathering place for his "garage band" and their numerous groupies. I have to say that I guess I'm glad they practice here, because at least I can keep an eye on them. But the noise is sometimes unbearable! My four year old walks around with his fingers in his ears, and I wait by the phone waiting for the calls to come in. Our neighborhood has been pretty patient, so far, but I fully expect that some night the cops will be at our door due to the disturbance of the peace!

They are coming again today. I told them they have to stop by 6. I think I'll just pop them their popcorn and head to the mall.

When they're up there accepting their grammy and they thank me, I guess it'll all be worth it!


JB said...

You'll thank him when he's set you up in a big mansion with a butler, maids and chefs!! :)

Kris said...

My son was in a band in high school too. I think they always end up where the drums are because their so hard to move around. They actually made a little money playing around town and made their own CD--gave most of them away to promote themselves. Then after graduation, they all went their separate ways.