Thursday, March 31, 2005


I know, I probably watch too much T.V.! But there are just a few things I've seen enough of:

Paris Hilton: I've never watched her show, but I've seen more than enough of her on news/entertainment shows.

Select Infomercials: Most infomercials I have no objection to, but there are a couple that really shouldn't be on T.V. where children can watch them. One is for a "male enhancement" product. Just gross. And the other is for the Girls Gone Wild videos. This one starts as early as 11pm, and the V-chip doesn't catch it.

CSI rip off shows: There are a ton of them, take your pick!

Howard Stern: Isn't it bad enough he's on the radio?

Wanna Be Reality Shows: Do Venus and Serena Williams really need a show? How about Ivana Trump?

What are you sick of????


peebugg said...

Cealus-- what would you do if your erection lasted more than 4 hours. call 911???? and how long would you have to wait for the operator to laughing before she could help you??? Or go into the ER....what then? carry a coat??? I watched this commerical with my mom. It about killed me.....I agree on the Paris Hilton thing. And the newest getting old commerical....the Farah Faucet one...Chasing Farah???
"I want to put on lipstick before I call the FBI, because I think you should always look your best"...aaaggghhhhh

Jay said...

-The Donald.
-Paula Abdul
-Old Navy commercials

frankthebunny said...

"Can I tell you a secret? My man uses Levitra..."

I swear the next time I see that one, the TV goes out the window.

Thanks for your comment earlier! :-)

Insane Robot said...

Desparate Houswives. Ok, so there are a bunch of hot people roaming around a neighborhood we get it.

Phil said...

VH1's "CelebReality". Flavor Flav the closeting meth addict. Brigette Nielsen, the ugliest woman I have ever seen. And let's not start with "Celebrity Fit Club". Watching semi-rich, Class C, fat "celebrities" in a contest to lose weight. make me puke.

absent.canadian said...

Reality TV. For me, reality is going to work in the morning. Coming home is an escape from reality, and the last thing I want to do is watch faux reality on TV.

Come to think of it, I really don't want to watch *anything* on TV ... but given the choice, I'd pick something remotely thoughtful like the Discovery Channel.

Anne said...

I agree with "Chasing Farrah." Enough already! The David Spade Capital One commercials. Kathy Griffin. She must have gotten a package deal: plastic surgery/new agent. She's freakin' everywhere now! Her and Star Jones. Enough!!!

pia said...

any reality show but home organization shows where I get to feel superior. It's such an infrequent feeling

TheAce0804 said...

Kristie Allie. We get it. You were skinny and everybody forgot about you. So you got fat, and made sure everyone knew about it. Now you're losing weight again, and everybody needs to know about it. The last time anybody cared about you was when Cheers was still on.

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