Friday, February 25, 2005

The Doctor is Out

I just have to say...Doctors make me CRAZY!

I have spent the better part of today sitting in a waiting room while my DS, who is 4, was in Occupational Therapy. (He has some "developmental delays', but that's for another time.) The room was very small, with a huge echo, so each time I blew my nose, it sounded more like a tuba than usual. As you can imagine, I received many nasty looks from the others who were forced to listen to my mini-concert.

I finally decide to break down and call the Dr. for a prescription. This was at 2:00. All I got was a message saying the office is closed. Granted, it is Friday, but good grief! What's a girl supposed to do?? Unless you're married to one, it is almost impossible to see one!

I guess I'll send DH out tonite to stock up on tissue and drugs for the weekend. If you hear strange noises in the night, don't worry. That'll just be my honking nose!

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